Why I Do What I Do.

I believe in love.

I believe in fighting for what and who you love. I believe in never giving up. 

I believe in your immense worth and beauty, no matter your pant size and no matter what that little voice might tell you when you look in the mirror.

I believe in adventures, in getting lost and discovering some place new. I don't want an ordinary photo shoot, with your fist on your chin or your back against a brick wall giving me the smolder. I like dance parties, and hair whipping and golden light peaking in and out of the frame. I like big laughs and bigger smiles and someone who's not afraid to feel a little uncomfortable. I like wind in your hair, bright colored walls and bright eyes. I like twirling and strutting and walkin' like you own it. 

I want to make magic. 


That's exactly what it is. An investment. If you're excited about working with me, I'm gonna be pretty stinkin' excited to work with you. I promise to invest my time and energy into the time we have together, whether that be an hour and a half of making some unique graduation photos, or an 8+ hour wedding. I want to create good photographs. Photos you'll be exited to look at and maybe even hang out your walls or send to someone special. 

If you're a fan of what I make and want to be apart of making something together, I encourage you to reach out.  If money is a problem, I still encourage you to reach out. I am happy to work with you to discover if we're a good fit, both stylistically and financially. If by any chance we aren't (which we might not be, I believe you should follow your gut), I'm happy to refer you to others I feel might be a better match.

With that said, here's a list of basic prices. 

Portrait Session begin at $350

Weddings begin at $2600

Contact me if you have any special requests, ideas you're itching to share, or risks you wanna take. I'm all about new adventures. Don't hesitate to reach out.