Hacienda Del Sol Wedding | Danny + Mary | Tucson, Arizona Wedding Photographer

I have the incredible opportunity to second shoot with Makayla McGarvey Photography on this magical autumn wedding in Tucson at Hacienda del Sol. Second shooting is not only an opportunity to learn from others, but’s it’s a chance to practice and capture details and moments that you might not when lead shooting a wedding. Hacienda del Sol is such a magical venue in Tucson; filled with color and desert charm. Here are some of my favorites from this wedding!

The Gather Estate Wedding | Tess + Tim | Mesa, Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tess and Tim were married at The Gather Estate in Mesa, Arizona. Being present at their wedding day was like being at a warm, family gathering full of fellowship and excitement. Tess and Tim are the type of people that, you can just tell, others want to be around. Their day was relaxed, full of color and dancing and worship and hugs, good food and horchata, mariachi music, children running and dancing on the grass, first dances to Leon Bridges, sweet smelling flowers, prayers at sunset and worship in the dark of night. It was truly a family celebration and I felt welcomed, indeed.

Getting married last April has given me a new outlook when shooting weddings. Each wedding provides me with a beautiful opportunity to renew my vows, so to speak; to be reminded of what marriage is and the joy it is to be in such joyful communion with the one you love. Tess and Tim’s wedding was like a massage to my heart, a warm blanket wrapped around my newly married soul. During their ceremony, after they exchanged vows and rings, the couple’s family and friends gathered around them and laid hands upon them in prayer. The rest of their guests extended their arms in solidarity. It was deeply moving to witness each member of the gathering lifting up prayers and encouraging words while Tim wrapped his arms lovingly around his new bride. I was moved. Tess and Tim spent the night hugging and laughing with their guests, being serenaded by an amazing mariachi band, and they ended the evening in worship (only after dancing to Christmas music, of course).

Before I photographed their wedding, Tim bragged of Tess’ fiery, infectious spirit and Tess of Tim’s deep value of making his decisions well and not based out of fear. You could see that their guest admired these two deeply as well. It was beautiful to watch two people, who honor and value each others’ strengths and giftings, come together in love and celebration and start a new life as one.

I am proud of each and every image here. Best viewed while listening to Leon Bridges’ “Beyond.” Enjoy!

The Franklin House Wedding | Lauren + David | Tucson Wedding Photographer

Moments from Lauren + David’s Tucson wedding. They gathered at the church so special to their family and were married by Lauren’s dad, surrounded by singing and joyous praise, tears and the warmest hugs. Their ceremony was held in downtown Tucson at the Franklin House under a beautiful October sunset. Lauren and David were lavished upon with words of honor and were celebrated well with the best dance moves, meaningful toast, more sweet words, and bubbles.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I love that weddings are about so much more than the couple. Weddings are about a community of people coming together to champion two people committing to spend their lives together. Being present at Lauren and David’s wedding, it was so evident to see how deeply loved they are by their people and how gracious they rare in return. I think David’s best man was crying more than he was as Lauren walked down the aisle and it was beautiful to see. D + L hugged guest after guest after their ceremony, receiving blessings and kissing and warm hugs of deep friendship. What a testament of love.

Enjoy these moments of David and Lauren’s Tucson wedding.

Isabelle - Senior Photos | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer | Mt Lemmon, AZ

Isabelle has a engaging smile, big, beautiful heart and beautiful wisdom. We shivered up on Mt. Lemmon and embarrassed ourselves in front of Tucson tourists by singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” and dancing enthusiastically. This gal is beautifully self aware for her age and has a heart for helping others. She is graduating from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy and heading to Grand Canyon University next year. Isabelle, your confidence and heart for others is beautiful. Hold fast to that. I am so excited to see how your heart touches others as your learn and grow throughout college.

It was a pleasure driving up and down the mountain with her. I’m so appreciative of clients letting me flex my creative muscles to create something meaningful for them during such an important time in their life. Scroll down to the bottom to see some of my favorite images!

Loretta + James | Downtown Tucson Anniversary Session | Tucson Photographer

Loretta + James celebrated their 10 year anniversary in the place where they were married. They are two people who I love. They are two people who find joy and humor in their life and their ability to live with freedom rubs off onto those around them. They are helpers, cat people, friends, creatives, who care deeply about others. I am so glad I could help them celebrate 10 years of marriage with an epic photo session in Downtown Tucson.

World Suicide Prevention Day | Tomorrow Needs You

Today marks the beginning of World Suicide Prevention Week. The most wonderful company, To Write Love on Her Arms, is expressing messages of hope within their theme “Tomorrow Needs You.” As someone who has been affected by the suicide of others in my life and has dealt with mental health issues, myself, messages like this are something that I wish to speak over myself every day. Inspired by the message written by the founder of the organization, (you can find their website here) I have written my own letter to myself. Why is tomorrow important to me when it’s so easy to give up today? Why is getting out of bed important to me when it could be so easy to stay? What is saying yes to life, to healing, to community, to love important to me when no takes so much less effort? Tomorrow needs me.


tomorrow is filled with beauty to be seen

  light that will dance

  wildflowers that will bloom

 plants that will grow

  and you need to be there to see it


tomorrow is filled with voices to be heard

  laughter to be felt

              deep and welling over

                                   and you need to be there to hear it

          to feel it


tomorrow is filled with landscapes to be seen

wildflowers to be picked

redwoods to be hugged

and fields to be frolicked in



tomorrow will be filled with experiences to share

                                restaurants that you haven’t yet tried

just think, giving up would’ve met not trying that amazing pad thai


tomorrow needs you to pick up your camera

      your pen

      your phone

because you have art to create

        words to write

        friends to call


tomorrow needs you to stay so you can go

            so you can travel

to all the places you’ve been before and all those you haven’t yet seen


tomorrow needs you to try those dishes you haven’t yet tried

tomorrow needs you to open your doors 

to all those you love and those you’ve yet to meet


tomorrow needs you to stay because there are people to be loved

people to be hugged

stories to be told

and stories to be heard



tomorrow needs you to stay for all the things you love

for all the people you love

for your newly grown family

for your friends who remind you that you’re not alone

for you favorite flavor fudge and wildflowers

for puppies walking down the street

the way nature and man compose themselves in such a way that you gotta pick up your camera


for those songs that make you feel

for those gas station parking lots you need to dance in

the smell of an old fashion before you take the first sip

for desert monsoons and butterflies along the trail


the sound of a creek and all that lives inside 

tomorrow needs you to stay for the gluten free donuts you will eat

tomorrow needs you to stay because you are not your own

you belong to so many people

you belong to him and you belong to Him


tomorrow needs you to stay because there is healing to be had

joy to be felt

babies to be held

surprises to be had

love to be given and received


tomorrow needs you to stay because there are songs to be sung

books to be read
and battles to be won

tomorrow needs you to stay.

Seedling Clayworks | Tucson Lifestyle + Branding Photographer


What’s your why? Why do you create? 

I kind of have to. If I wasn't making pottery I would be making my own clothes or making elaborate birthday cakes for my kids or finding some other creative outlet. When I have gone a long time without using my creative energy I feel 'off' or not quite whole and satisfied with life. 

With pottery in particular it's also a way of processing something that I have experienced that has moved me. For instance, when I went to Yellowstone National Park and saw geothermal pools for the first time I basically fell madly in love. And as with infatuation, I couldn't stop thinking about those pools. The only way to get them out of my brain was to make something inspired by them so that I could feel like I had a piece of them with me. Once I made enough ceramic geothermal pieces, my soul was satisfied and I was no longer feeling that tension, that compulsion. 


Are there creators in your past that have influenced you in a particular way? Who are they? Do you create because of them; for them, as an homage to them? 

This is going to sound corny maybe, but Nature is the creator that most influences my work. I see many beautiful pieces of art daily but spending time in a National Park or on a hike provides a jolt of active inspiration that I don't feel when I see the work of other artists. This is not to say that I don't admire my fellow artists and potters, there is an abundance of incredible work out there. I may see a technique that another potter is trying and be inspired to try using that particular tool to express myself, or see a piece of pottery (like the work of Mary O'Malley) and I'm in absolute awe--but I don't want to emulate her work. I just really enjoy seeing what she creates. 

So in terms of inspiration, nothing compares to some of the landscapes that have made me feel so wonderfully insignificant, or some of the small details--like lichen on an ancient rock--that compel me to run back to my studio to create. 

how does Tucson and the desert inform what you make?

I was born here and have lived most of my life in Tucson, so I'm firmly rooted in the Sonoran Desert, the Southwest and Sonora, Mexico where my Mom is from. My work includes depictions of this landscape and celebrates its plants. 


What lessons have your art or your art practice taught you?

Not to fear failure because it's integral to the process of art making and life in general. If something doesn't turn out the way I had hoped, it just means I have to try again but modify the parts that didn't work out so well. 

Also, you have to practice quite a bit of humility with pottery making. There are so many points during the making of any given piece when that piece can fail. When it all works out, it's amazing. 

Success as an artist is a gift and shouldn't be taken for granted. I have to keep tapping into that part of me that is bringing in fresh ideas, pushing me to evolve and not become too complacent with designs that have sold well in the past. 

And finally, my hands/body are my most important tools and those tools will wear down if I am not mindful of how I am using them. This is my most recent lesson. Ergonomics were never on my radar until I injured my wrist.

What are you most proud in your life as an artist or maker?

I feel very fortunate to be able to sell work that I love making to enthusiastic, amazingly sweet customers. It's my dream job. I'm hesitant to call it luck, because that would ignore all the long hours and compromises I have made to get to this point. But I'm proud that I have made it this far. 

Finally, where can we see your work?



Lifestyle Family Session Giveaway | Tucson Family Portrait Photographer

hi, hello! 

if you're reading this you probably saw my EXTRA SPECIAL lifestyle family shoot giveaway!

And you're probably a little curious about what lifestyle family sessions are.

Here are some photographic examples of them and some information about what they ARE and ARE NOT.

Lifestyle Family Session ARE:

-for your family! whether that's just you and your husband or you, your partner, and your three kids. 

-unposed! I will not, repeat, will not, be lining you up and telling you to put your arms around each other's backs and smile. lifestyle family session are about me observing authentic moments between you and your loved ones and capturing them artfully.

-FUN! I encourage my families to think of activities they enjoy doing together or meaningful traditions they have. this is an opportunity for you to RELAX and not worry about if Johnny's getting a little muddy or if his smile is "real," and to let a photographer you trust capture real moments.

-intentional but laid back: Yes, of course -- wear some clothes you feel beautiful and comfortable in, get your hair done, but most of all, know i'm there to photograph moments, not your new manicure.

Lifestyle Family Sessions ARE NOT:

-posed! (see above) if you're looking for traditional family photos of ya'll in the desert standing in a line, I'm not the photographer for you but I'm happy to refer some great ones I know!

-stressful! I TOTALLY get that coordinating all the things for family sessions can be a headache. is johnny's hair combed, is the baby awake and happy? kids will be kids and you bet babies are gonna be babies. i try to my best to encourage you to BREATHE, let your kids play and interact and get out there and play with them! I want to create images for you that you'll actually recognize, not picture perfect portraits of your kids with forced smiles.

-For everyone. Again, lifestyle family sessions are not for everyone and that OKAY. If you want images of you and your fam all matching in the desert smiling at sunset, please hear me, that's totally fine. And again, I'd be happy to refer you to some great photographers I know that take those types of images.

If these look like image you'd like, I hope you enter my giveaway! See my Facebook or Instagram page to enter!