Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer | University of Arizona | Andrea + Anna

anna + andrea are long time friends and fiercely photogenic. i began photographing andrea first and after goin on about how beautiful she is, she said 'what 'til you meet anna.' needless to say, they're both stunning and made my job easy. not to mention they put up with a crazy day of me leaving my camera battery in phoenix (yikes!) and having to drive all across Tucson to find one! big shout out to an employee from Greg's Camera Shop for driving like 30 minutes to meet me in a bank parking lot, charge the battery as he drove and exchange cash for quite the adventurous transaction. It felt a bit like a drug deal but that made it all the more fun.  So I was late to the shoot (real life) but we made it work and even woke up extra early the next morning to photograph in the golden morning light of the tucson desert -which i love. girls, thanks for workin' it and lettin me get a little glitter in my hair. enjoy these photos as you head off to the next adventure!