Tucson Museum of Art Wedding | Hector + Teresa | Tucson Wedding Photographer

I left Teresa + Hector’s wedding at the Tucson Museum of Art with two new friends.

When these two first inquired with me last year, I knew their wedding was going to be special. In their initial emails Teresa described wanting a day surrounded by their family and friends, the importance and reverence of their ceremony, and their excitement to be getting married surrounding the bright colors and character of the Tucson desert. My heart was in when Hector described all of the things he loved about Teresa,

“My favorite thing about my [then] fiancè is how she sips her first drink of coffee, beer, or cocktail. I then like those .5 seconds where I wait for her to make an impression.”

How sweet and thoughtful is that! I loved the Hector was the kind of guys to be observant of those little details that he loved about his boo. Right then and there I knew we’d be a good fit. AND Teresa, Hector, some of their friends and I actually got to visit Exo Coffee before their reception for a little afternoon pick me up to get prepared for all the dancing that would commence. ;)

As I got to know Teresa and Hector better, I recognized all of the aspects they first described as reasons why the loved each other. In our first l correspondence, Teresa described Hector as “such a lover of people.” The two of them both immediately made me feel so comfortable and welcomed in their gathering of friends and family. As the three of us explored around downtown Tucson taking their portraits, we laughed over inappropriate jokes and danced to some good hip-hop. It felt just like a day hanging out with friends. Teresa initially raved that Hector is the type of person who makes everyone feel known and appreciated. I was given the privilege to see that they both have that gift. What an amazing duo they will make as a couple with the ability to love each other with that type of intentionality and intimacy and therefore loving others in the same way. The world is better now that these two are together!

Enjoy these images! You’ll see our adventures all over downtown Tucson; their pit stop for Jimmy Johns, coffee and colorful Tucson murals, and of course some AMAZING dance floor moments. I cannot thank these two enough for letting me be apart of their day. These images are best enjoyed while listening to “Lets Get Married” - the remix, obvi ;)