Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer | Phoenix Senior Portrait Photographer | Best of Class of 2015

i often get asked what i enjoy photographing most: weddings, families? as far as my business goes, i will always have to say that i enjoy photographing seniors the most. i love the one on one time we get while making images that capture your personality. i love making images to celebrate such a time of a accomplishment as well as a time of transition, where you may not know what's next, but you're stepping out with boldness to find out!

 i'm not into cliches. i'm into good light, the desert, colorful walls, whipping your hair, flowers, putting on some music and dancing, trespassing, exploring new places and taking risks.

if you or someone you know are graduating in 2016, i'd love it if you passed my name on to them! i treat my graduation photo shoots like mini adventures with my camera as my companion. 

check out a recap of some of my favorite images from my 2015 seniors and see a bit of what a photo shoot with me looks like. this past year, i photographed men and women and graduates from middle school to graduate school. i loved what i was able to create with my 2015 senior and i can't wait to see the exciting images i will get to make with the class of 2016!