The Gather Estate Wedding | Tess + Tim | Mesa, Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tess and Tim were married at The Gather Estate in Mesa, Arizona. Being present at their wedding day was like being at a warm, family gathering full of fellowship and excitement. Tess and Tim are the type of people that, you can just tell, others want to be around. Their day was relaxed, full of color and dancing and worship and hugs, good food and horchata, mariachi music, children running and dancing on the grass, first dances to Leon Bridges, sweet smelling flowers, prayers at sunset and worship in the dark of night. It was truly a family celebration and I felt welcomed, indeed.

Getting married last April has given me a new outlook when shooting weddings. Each wedding provides me with a beautiful opportunity to renew my vows, so to speak; to be reminded of what marriage is and the joy it is to be in such joyful communion with the one you love. Tess and Tim’s wedding was like a massage to my heart, a warm blanket wrapped around my newly married soul. During their ceremony, after they exchanged vows and rings, the couple’s family and friends gathered around them and laid hands upon them in prayer. The rest of their guests extended their arms in solidarity. It was deeply moving to witness each member of the gathering lifting up prayers and encouraging words while Tim wrapped his arms lovingly around his new bride. I was moved. Tess and Tim spent the night hugging and laughing with their guests, being serenaded by an amazing mariachi band, and they ended the evening in worship (only after dancing to Christmas music, of course).

Before I photographed their wedding, Tim bragged of Tess’ fiery, infectious spirit and Tess of Tim’s deep value of making his decisions well and not based out of fear. You could see that their guest admired these two deeply as well. It was beautiful to watch two people, who honor and value each others’ strengths and giftings, come together in love and celebration and start a new life as one.

I am proud of each and every image here. Best viewed while listening to Leon Bridges’ “Beyond.” Enjoy!