Stonebridge Manor Wedding | Marcus + Amanda | Mesa, Arizona Wedding Photographer

Marcus and Amanda celebrated their wedding in Mesa, Arizona at Stonebridge Manor!

They share a love that is so gentle. deep and true. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement photos just about year ago. Right away, they invited me in, so comfortable to express their love with each other while in front of me. It was a joy to witness such a special exchange between two people. Their love is tender and quiet with great impact. Marcus and Amanda grew up together, knowing each other since middle school. Their wedding did not seem like two distinct sides, but rather two families coming together to celebrate their mutual joy. Watching both Marcus and Amanda’s moms hug each other before the ceremony was such a testament to this; looking at each other like “Can you believe this is happening?!” Two families just genuinely excited and proud to witness a momentous day for their kids. In my opinion, a witness of love is the way it makes those around you feel. Well, I can say that I left Marcus and Amanda’s wedding day feeling deeply joyful. Amanda played a song just for me on the dance floor so I could get down with them. I received so many hugs from them and their guests. The speeches given to them raved of their selflessness and willingness to help others; their inspiring love. Marcus, Amanda and their families are people that open their lives to others, cultivating an atmosphere of hospitality simply with their presence. It was my joy to be present with my camera. Enjoy these moments of Marcus + Amanda’s most special day.