University of Arizona Grad Photos | Sarah + Alyssa | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer

sarah + alyssa.

two friends and supporters of each other. during this whole shoot, as i was sharing peeks with the girls, they kept complimenting each other. "girl, you look so GOOD" "DANG" and remarks like that ;) I asked sarah and alyssa how they become friends and sarah told me they met in a class and sarah grabbed onto alyssa and made her be friends with her. ;) now they're off to utah together to work for goldman sachs because they're crazy smart. 

alyssa and sarah, what a treat to have each other as supporters and companions. i hope this new transition in your lives is coushined by the support you have as friends. 

these two were a pleasure to photograph as we dodged the other grad photo takers on the u of a campus ;) all the good light and colors that tucson provides SHOWED UP. i left this session feeling really grateful for my job and for people who trust me to make what i do.