Phoenix Portrait Photographer | Ahwatukee, Arizona | Be a Heart - Erica Tighe

admit it. at some point in your life you have rocked a pair of overalls. maybe it was a decade or so ago. but if you haven't heard it, you're hearin it here! overalls are back! my fondest memory (HA) of wearin overalls is about when i was 4 or 5, a hot and humid summer day in Pennsylvania. i was at an amusement park with my family and apparently has spilled something on myself. so my mother resorted to letting me walk around in just overalls all day, no shirt. i give her a hard time, looking back at all the pictures we have of that day of me in the nude minus overalls, tellin her she dressed me like a little boy -oh the indecency! 

fast forward a few decades and they're back. and erica makes them look dang good. erica is a good friend of mine, and quite a talented one at that. she is the owner, designer and creative mastermind behind Be a Heart Design a custom calligraphy and design company based in Los Angeles. In the spirit of our love for collaboration and just bein fans of what we each do, we took these photos for a little lifestyle post for her blog. She even made me take off my pants behind a bush (how do i always end up half naked when overalls are involved?) and put on the overalls with my favorite watermelon printed tee. she just might've taken some photos of me. see those at the bottom of the post. get ready for some prettiez & silliez.

i clearly am not as graceful as erica, buuuuut here we are. embracing my inner child in overalls and a watermelon shirt in the desert.