Tucson Family Portrait Photographer | Cartel Coffee Lab | Moore Family Part 1

Photographing the Moore family was a long time comin. Lawson and I had been planning this birthday and anniversary surprise for Laura for a few months. An amazing and well established photographer herself, being documented on the other side of the camera is not a privilege she often gets to experience. They wanted to document the season of life they are in now, as a family. When we were brainstorming ideas about their family portrait session, Laura threw out the idea of starting the shoot at Cartel. Lawson often takes the kids to Cartel to play and relax and enjoy a staple place in the city of Tucson. I am so happy I was able to tell the story of their family through big, goofy grins, good old fashion competition, and so so much love expressed from Laura and Lawson to their kids, and to each other.

Here is part one of (three!) parts to their family story.

Meredith AmadeeComment