Gilbert Engagement Photographer | Marcus + Amanda | Riparian Preserve, Gilbert

I was all packed up and ready. arrived at the location early so that i could spend some time before the shoot scoping out some good spots. i packed two bags - my purse and my camera bag. all ready, i stepped out of my car and decided to lock my purse in my trunk for safe keeping, all important items with me in my camera bag. all set and ready to go when - oops. wrong bag was locked in my trunk. phone, keys, lenses, wallet all locked in my trunk with no way for me to get them out.

thank goodness for kind people who let me use their phone, call AAA and get all of my stuff out no sweat during marcus + amanda's break to change outfits. there i was thinking they'd be impatient, annoyed, frustrated or just plain pissed that i had made a mistake that would cost them time during their session. but they could not have been more understanding and thankfully our session time did not get taken up at all.

not only was it my pleasure to interact with such kind, loving people, it was my pleasure to photograph them. 

marcus + amanda have been a long time comin. they've been friends for years and got engaged this past december - gettin married next february. i wish i could take credit for posing them perfectly or inviting them to interact with each other in such meaningful ways, but they honestly were so natural. i watched through my camera as they expressed their love for each other unwrap like small gifts, a secret being told through their eyes and small, gentle moments of affection. you could tell just by watching them that marcus + amanda not only love each other, but they value each other; they appreciate the beauties of each other's personality. amanda loves marcus' ability to make anything fun while marcus raves of amanda's empathetic nature, so quick to help and care for others. 

as a photographer, it can be so easy to quickly say "thanks so much for letting me take your picture," simply because I got good pictures out of the session. this shoot felt different. i felt like a bystander in their world; watching something amazing and rare take place before my eyes and there i happened to be with a camera to document it all. 

please enjoy the warmth and gentleness and compassion that is marcus + amanda

Meredith AmadeeComment