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hi, hello! 

if you're reading this you probably saw my EXTRA SPECIAL lifestyle family shoot giveaway!

And you're probably a little curious about what lifestyle family sessions are.

Here are some photographic examples of them and some information about what they ARE and ARE NOT.

Lifestyle Family Session ARE:

-for your family! whether that's just you and your husband or you, your partner, and your three kids. 

-unposed! I will not, repeat, will not, be lining you up and telling you to put your arms around each other's backs and smile. lifestyle family session are about me observing authentic moments between you and your loved ones and capturing them artfully.

-FUN! I encourage my families to think of activities they enjoy doing together or meaningful traditions they have. this is an opportunity for you to RELAX and not worry about if Johnny's getting a little muddy or if his smile is "real," and to let a photographer you trust capture real moments.

-intentional but laid back: Yes, of course -- wear some clothes you feel beautiful and comfortable in, get your hair done, but most of all, know i'm there to photograph moments, not your new manicure.

Lifestyle Family Sessions ARE NOT:

-posed! (see above) if you're looking for traditional family photos of ya'll in the desert standing in a line, I'm not the photographer for you but I'm happy to refer some great ones I know!

-stressful! I TOTALLY get that coordinating all the things for family sessions can be a headache. is johnny's hair combed, is the baby awake and happy? kids will be kids and you bet babies are gonna be babies. i try to my best to encourage you to BREATHE, let your kids play and interact and get out there and play with them! I want to create images for you that you'll actually recognize, not picture perfect portraits of your kids with forced smiles.

-For everyone. Again, lifestyle family sessions are not for everyone and that OKAY. If you want images of you and your fam all matching in the desert smiling at sunset, please hear me, that's totally fine. And again, I'd be happy to refer you to some great photographers I know that take those types of images.

If these look like image you'd like, I hope you enter my giveaway! See my Facebook or Instagram page to enter!

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