Tucson Family Portrait Photographer | Caylin + Sienna | In Home Family Portraits

This is the FOURTH year I've photographed Caylin and Sienna. They invited me into their new home and we took some relaxed photos of this little family. Caylin is a strong woman, gentle and loving and so intentional with Sienna. Sienna is bubbly and affectionate and is a recent player of the violin ;) They are both strong, resilient women. Not like the "strong" #girlboss women that the world glorifies now - wearing busy like it's a badge of honor, but strong like facing difficulties strong. Continuing to hope in the Lord in the midst of pain strong. Redemptive love kind of strong. I am honored to know them and so joyful that I get to capture a little bit of their story every year. 

Here's what Caylin had to say:

"Our family setup isn't traditional like most. I adopted my daughter when she was two and have been raising her as a single momma. It's been the hardest, most beautiful process in the years since her adoption. We met Meredith right after Sienna had been officially adopted. I had seen Meredith's photos and was so overwhelmed with how unique they each were. I asked her to take our non-traditional family pictures and she happily embraced the request. The final products were beautiful and breathtaking; Meredith captured our family ethos in a way that is so unique. Since then we have asked Meredith to continue taking our photos because she knows us and has linked arms with us. She laughs with us, connects with the things we love, and makes us feel so comfortable. For years and counting, and we are so excited for the next years to come"

Me, too!

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