Sonoita Portrait Photographer | Sonoita, Arizona | Ben + Bonnie Celebrate 5 Years

ben and bonnie are my friends. they are gracious and adventurous. bonnie is the kinda gal where i know i can be myself around her, where snorts are accompanied with my laughter and one of those people you can just breathe easily around. ben and bonnie celebrated five years of marriage this year.

shoots like this just make me humbled. i am always so honored when friends ask me to photograph them. i love just sitting back and watching two people interact. i try to be as unobtrusive as possible, watching the two of you (in the least creepy way possible) ;) and all of the sweet gestures and words and touches you exchange. i am honored that images of mine will serve as treasured momentos for years to come, that they'll give physical, visual representation to those deep feelings of love. that deep joy that makes you squeeze a little tighter - i'm so glad my images give representation to that. like, yeah! that's it! that's how it feels. here are ben and bonnie and lots of love between them.

Also, you've gotta scroll through all of them to see a little surprise at the end.

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