Bella Rose Estate Wedding | Ben + Bethany | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

The people. 

It's so hard as a photographer to get caught up in perfection. In making everything appear perfect, capturing the perfect details, getting the perfect light, etc. Those are all important, important things, but I am finding more and more that the people are the relationships are what make theses days so special and so momentous.

Ben and Bethany were surrounded by a beautiful group of supportive people. Their friends married them, posed with them, cried tears of happiness with them, stood to show their solidarity with them, lifted them high in chairs and honored them, danced with them and celebrated them. 

It was a beautiful thing to witness two people speak such life giving words to each other, proclaiming the things they love about one another and what they vow to keep. Ben and Bethany, it was an honor documenting your day; full of color, beauty, tears, good move jokes, and tons of good dancing to Rubber Band Man (it's been added to my playlist).