Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer | Recap

As I was compiling and organizing all of these photos, I began thinking how lucky I am to have met all of these people and to have captured them in such an exciting, transitional and even scary part of their lives. Yes, there's a tradition to have your photo taken around graduation time, but I'd like to think that the photos I take are a bit more than the cliche. I hope they become a little more about adventure and embracing insecurities and beauties and feelin' a little more confident. 

I take photographs for many reasons, and one of them is because I really believe that everyone deserves to see their internal and external beauty and worth reflected back to them in a photo.

Graduation portraits with me mean turning on some music, dancing, letting the wind blow your hair, golden light,  adventuring and embracing your inner badass. I hope you'll leave feeling that excitement deep within you, with tangles in your hair from letting it be blown around, maybe some scrapes on your boots from climbing mountains and a bit more confidence in your step that comes when you let go and embrace who you are. 

Meredith AmadeeComment