Mesa, Arizona Senior Portraits | Kaitlin | Salt River Portrait Photographer

here i am, blogging! once a month seems okay, yeah? maybe? well, i'm really excited to share these images of kaitlin.

i've found, since beginning photography, that i still get nervous before a shoot. i believe in my talent, but i also put the pressure on myself to create quality images for my clients that serve them well. light and location can only be so much in the control of the photographer and sometimes you you to work with less than perfect conditions. but the arizona light showed up to this grad session with kaitlin

. we photographed at the salt river in mesa, az. it was freezing, but it was magical. we danced to the trolls soundtrack, fergie, beyonce, and frozen. the perfect mix, right? ;) i have photographed the maiesfki family numerous times and i'm continually humbled and excited that they continue to trust me and ask me to make their photographs.

as you'll see from the images, kaitlin has some stinkin beautiful and colorful tattoos. she shared a bit of the story of her floral sleeve with me. she shared her journey from finding worth in material things to realizing her depth of worth as a daughter of God and her innate beauty and purity. she described each flowers importance to that and one flower in particular that honored her dear, late dad. knowing this, it made me all the more excited to photograph kaitlin in this new found time of confidence and beauty. i hope these images reflect just that.


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