Syson Family | Lifestyle Family Photos in the Tucson Barrio

Lifestyle family photos are not about having the perfectly decorated home and kids that are squeaky clean - they are about capturing imperfections, about photographing you and your family interacting in a natural way; doing your little girls' favorite activity or singing your new baby the new song that always makes him smile. These are the images that celebrate family for me.

The Sysons wanted to celebrate their chapter in Tucson coming to a close. Michael was just commissioned as a distinguished officer in the US Navy after many years of incredible hard work and sacrifice. The Sysons have chosen to intentionally find community and make Tucson their home despite knowing they would have to leave some day. That time has come as they're now moving to South Carolina with the goal of making roots and finding community again. Sysons, my prayer for you is that you can do just that: find your people and know there are still so many of us rooting for you back in Tucson!

Here's to a beautiful new beginning!

sarah + alyssa | tucson graduation photos | downtown, tucson

sarah + alyssa.

two friends and supporters of each other. during this whole shoot, as i was sharing peeks with the girls, they kept complimenting each other. "girl, you look so GOOD" "DANG" and remarks like that ;) I asked sarah and alyssa how they become friends and sarah told me they met in a class and sarah grabbed onto alyssa and made her be friends with her. ;) now they're off to utah together to work for goldman sachs because they're crazy smart. 

alyssa and sarah, what a treat to have each other as supporters and companions. i hope this new transition in your lives is coushined by the support you have as friends. 

these two were a pleasure to photograph as we dodged the other grad photo takers on the u of a campus ;) all the good light and colors that tucson provides SHOWED UP. i left this session feeling really grateful for my job and for people who trust me to make what i do.