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My Philosophy

My photography style is about artfully capturing authentic moments of connection. My eye gravitates toward good light and color. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible so that the focus can be on YOU and not a pose. I pride myself in being friendly yet assertive on wedding days and shoots while also being a fly on the wall when needed. This allows me to capture those moments that would otherwise go unnoticed; the moments you’ll want to remember. My fine art background allows me to create stellar images that tell stories and reflect the beauty of who you uniquely are!

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The Gather Estate Wedding

Meet Meredith

I am a lover of the Light, color, the desert and vulnerability. Recent bride to the most caring, selfless bearded man. I value deep relationships. I love the Southwest and all the magic and character it holds. If music is on, I’m most likely dancing. Especially 90’s hip-hop. Leg day is my favorite day. I’m still on the search for the perfect gluten free donut. I am giddy around flowers. If I could have a different job, it would probably be a florist. I once stuck my hand in a port-o-potty to fish out a wedding ring. True story. I am passionate about creating and making images reflecting the beauty I see.


Some Fun Facts

  • I’m an ISFP, Enneagram 4 (if you’re into those personality type things)

  • I’m an avid reader! My goal is to read 35 books this year!

  • I LOVE corgis and hope to have one some day.

  • Whiskey is my drink of choice but you know I’ll drink a good margarita.

  • I love my husband, but pizza is my boyfriend.

  • In 6th grade, I was on the middle school step team. YEP “Step Master Meredith”

  • My favorite flowers are red poppies.


The Gather Estate Wedding

My Style

My main goal as a photographer is to be a storyteller, to tell the truth and document the beauty of your day. The look of pride on your father’s face as he hugs you before giving you away, a group of friends raising glasses of whiskey in honor of you, the look of sheer glee and excitement you get when you see yourself in the mirror, dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.

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Bella Rose Estate Wedding