a little bit about me

Lover of the Light.  Bruce Springsteen, folk, soul and rock & roll. I believe anytime is the time for a dance party. I'm a lover of a stiff whiskey drink. The mountains, the desert & big trees I can't fit my arms around. I like lyrics that tell a story and good conversations that give me the chills. Stargirl. Creosote. Turquoise. Sneezing. Cleaning the lint off the filter in the dryer. I like scary movies and flower crowns. Cheesy, predictable crime shows. Wildflowers on the side of the road. I like leg day. Family history. I believe in the art of karaoke. I believe in mercy. Really good donuts. Disney. I love candles and dancing in the kitchen. The color green. I'm an INFP which pretty much means I'm happiest when frolicking in a field while surrounded by butterflies.

I hate traffic, giving up, mosquito bites and the word "contrasty." I don't like not saying how I really feel. I dislike feeling discouraged, or feeling like I don't belong. Ostriches. Screamo. I don't like space. Yeah, like outer space. It scares me. I hate flakiness. It saddens me when people don't know their worth. I don't like football. Oops.


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